TOGETHER we can save the planet

There is not Planet B, we only have Planet Earth to live, our planet, our home. Our planet has a lot of different and unique life forms, besides all the wonderful things we can found on it. Our planet has its own history, its unsolved mysteries... But if we neglect it and do not care about it, we will abandon it to their fate instaed of care about it, therefore, we will be abandone ourserlves and we will not have a place to live.

For that reason, from Resilvex we offer you an wide range of biodegradable and sustainable products with the enviroment, which, once they are used and throwed away to the garbage, they will turn into fertiliser and they will grow up new plants which will be used to produced new biodegradable goods. In consequence, together we will help to save our planet.

Biodegradable Raw Materials





Can be converted to a thermoplastic polyster known as PLA ,an eco-friendly material just like regular plastic but it is completely compostable .PLA is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of way though it can't withstand high temperature

Sugarcane ,other name is Pulp or bagasse ,a suitable material ,come from the natural redidue of the sugarcane harvest . it is completely biodegradable .

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the plant with little water and without any chemicals . it is completely biodegradable .One of the popular material in food packaging area .

Cardboard and Paper

Cardboard and paper are the regular & popular material for paper cup , paper plate and other food container in the marketing .


FSC paper material for food packaging products is more and more popular especially in European .